Please use this Word template or this Latex template to create your extended abstract, which should be at least 4 pages but no more than 6 pages long.

Convert  your file into the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format (see .pdf formats of the Word template here and the Latex template here). Authors should submit extended abstracts in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format whenever possible. Please embed all fonts (select this option when converting file to PDF) in your document. Microsoft Word is also an acceptable format with file size less than 5 MB; all graphics must be embedded (not linked), either within the text or at the end of the paper. Latex source files are not acceptable. The extended abstract must be submitted to the program committee as a pdf file named after the first-author name (i.e. “firstauthorlastname-papernumber.pdf”).

The templates were created such that printed abstracts best fit US letter paper (8 1/2 in. by 11 in.) and should not be changed in any way. Additional instructions are provided in each template regarding paper size, headers, footers, and copyright statements.