The International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS) has been held every two years since its founding in 1967 by N. Manson, A.K. Oppenheim, and R. Soloukhin. The colloquium is the premier international forum for the presentation of scientific contributions in the fields of explosions and unsteady combustion, where there is strong coupling between reaction and fluid mechanics. It is held on alternate years from The International Symposium on Combustion and is recognized by The Combustion Institute as a Specialists Meeting on the fluid dynamics of combustion.

The subject matter of Dynamics of Explosions is concerned principally with the interrelationship between rate process of energy deposition in compressible media and its flow field, as it occurs typically in detonations. Dynamics of Reactive Systems is concerned with non-steady coupling between the flow system and the exothermic reactions, as they occur typically in the course of combustion.These definitions are intentionally broad and include fluid systems with a variety of additional chemical and physical effects. The meeting encompasses and welcomes both basic and applied research. Specific examples of contributions and topics from previous years can be found by visiting the website of the Institute for the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (IDERS),, which has links to websites of previous meetings.

The 26th ICDERS marks the 50th anniversary of the Colloquium and will be hosted by FM Global in Boston, Massachusetts on the campus of Boston University.


Prior ICDERS meetings

Bruxelles (1967), Novosibirsk (1969), Marseille (1971), San Diego (1973), Bourges (1975), Stockholm (1977), Gottingen (1979), Minsk (1981), Poitiers (1983), Berkeley (1985), Warsaw (1987), Ann Arbor (1989), Nagoya (1991), Coimbra (1993), Boulder (1995), Krakow (1997), Heidelberg (1999), Seattle (2001), Hakone (2003), Montreal (2005), Poitiers (2007), Minsk (2009), Irvine (2011), Taipei (2013), Leeds (2015)